I keep hearing the “Field of Dreams” philosophy preached over and over again… “if you build it, they will come.”  Today alone I must have come across this concept in three different avenues; an article, a video, and now here it is in tip form!   The article I read broke it down as simple as, “do things, tell people”.

The internet has truly taken a lot of the effort out of telling people with sites like Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and now Pinterest.  So get out there and DO SOMETHING!

Check out how our expert contributor and her friends turned their hobby into a WAHM (WorkAtHomeMom) business and how a simple site like Pinterest launched them to a whole new level.

Do Something

Embellished Living, was created in February 2011. We began with just a Facebook page and word of mouth and a few craft shows. Our goal was to make a little bit of spending money doing something that we love. Our Etsy Shop opened on July 18, 2011. With over 300 shop sales since July 2011, and more than 100 of those just in February 2012 alone, we are overjoyed with our success.

We are three stay at home moms who love to create pretty things for our homes and give handmade gifts. Once our homes filled up and people started asking us to make things for them, we decided others might enjoy our items as well, thus Embellished Living was born. Two of the three of us have children in school and the other’s children attend preschool two days a week. We work while the kids are in school or after they’ve gone to bed and have a very flexible schedule.

Talk About It

In order to get our business going, we started a Facebook page and had a booth at a few local craft shows. Once our popularity grew, we decided to open an Etsy Shop. We were fortunate to have one of our most popular items “pinned” on Pinterest. Because of that “pin” a number of popular bloggers featured us on their respective blogs which has propelled our business to a level of success we never even dreamed possible.

Stacie Berard, Co-Owner, Embellished Living

What do you love to do?  How can you turn something that interests you into a WAHM business?  Get your wheels turning, do the work, and I’ll see you on Pinterest!

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