When working as a freelancer it is always important to have your resume up to date and on hand. However, don’t be tempted to go the easy route when submitting your resume for employment. Sending the same generic cover letter to every firm may hurt your chances of landing that position.

Learn how to stand out above the rest by appealing to your potential employer using your cover letter.

David Meadvin, president of Inkwell Strategies – a small company that provides speechwriting, executive communications and general business writing/editing services – shares with us his tips for writing the cover letter on your freelance resume.

In his role at Inkwell Strategies, David is in the position of both applying for freelance opportunities (people and companies looking for our services on a consulting basis) and regularly receiving inquiries from people who would like to freelance for his firm.

When David reviews resumes that freelancers send his way, the most important thing he looks for is whether they’ve taken the time to explain how their skill set matches specifically with what his company does. There’s nothing worse than receiving the same generic cover letter that the job seeker clearly sent to everyone else. If you don’t have the time to write a unique cover letter, it’s much better not to write one at all.

When David is writing a cover letter to a company or individual, he is mindful that there is no shortage of freelance writing out there. He knows the competitive nature of the freelance writing field so he always looks for ways to stand out, making sure to include work samples that are close as possible to the project described.

Many thanks to David Meadvin for supplying us with these helpful and effective tips that will give our resume the edge it needs to help us get the freelance position.

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