It is becoming more and more common for women to work while raising their family.  Two income families are the norm and even if we take a few years off during the baby stages, many Moms are ready to re-enter the workforce once their children reach school-age.

Learn what valuable skill sets most women have developed that will benefit them in their new employment.

Top Business Skills for Women Re-entering the Workforce

By the time most women are ready to re-enter the workforce, their career paths have involved managerial and business leader type positions and responsibilities. Regardless of the sector, key skills that women take away from these roles are business acumen and management skills. For example, at Duplex Cleaning Machines we have a number of female distributors who have come from business backgrounds who wanted the opportunity to be their own boss and run their own business in the next phase of their careers.

The following are key skills and factors of a distributor role and how it can enhance and build upon a current skill set:

Communication – Most women have the innate ability to be good communicators, and understand that it involves really listening to the client and not just talking.

Time management – Most women reach a certain point and know the importance of effectively organising their time to juggle commitments such as family, work and social activities.

Relationship based – Most women understand the importance of relationships (both personally and professionally) and know what it takes to nurture and grow these relationships. They understand this develops trust and loyalty between distributor and client.

Flexible lifestyle – Managing your own work hours and responsibilities provides women with the flexible lifestyle to have their work commitments fit around other priorities, which is an opportunity they may not have had working for someone else whilst establishing their careers.

Murray McDonald, Director, Duplex Cleaning Machines

What skill set proved valuable for you when re-entering the workforce?

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