With two boys under the age of 10, we go through jeans in this house like Google Maps goes through updates.  If you don’t have that app, trust me.  It’s often.  Buying clothing for our family is a huge expense.  And at the rate my children grow (or put holes in their knees), it amounts to a small savings.

We have been able to save money over the years by accepting hand-me-downs from anyone who is willing to send them our way. Or we have also used the following suggestion from our expert to help save extra cash:

Shift to Thrift

Do you love designer jeans? Are you looking for clothing in the latest fashion trends? Check out your local thrift store! I find bargains for my entire family, and the clothing is often nearly new. Even if an item has stains, my growing children always need play clothes. At $1 to $2 per item, we can be outfitted for the entire season on less than $30.

Find bargain days, and save even more money. Our local Salvation Army hosts half off sales every Wednesday, and other local thrift stores offer bag sales. Because clothing wears out, shifting from department stores to thrift stores stretches our family’s clothing budget.

Jennifer Turner, Creative Director


Another way thrift stores may be helpful to you is to sell them clothing you no longer use. Styles change, we outgrow things, we buy something on a whim… we all have items in our closet that never get worn. Thrift stores will often buy your gently used clothing from you to re-sell in their shop. This will help you get better organized while earning you some extra cash.

How do you save money while shopping for clothing?

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