If you are tired of sending out job application after job application over the internet, maybe it’s time to redevelop your resume. Learn from our expert and job search coach, Shari Sambursky, how to get noticed by using her resume tips and advice.

Get Your Resume Noticed Online!

The summary:

A summary of qualifications has been replaced by the “objective”. Make sure your summary expresses the qualifications that the job calls for. Your summary is first thing a hiring manager or recruiter will read and is vital to intrigue them want to know more!

Use Key/Buzz Words:

You are given a very powerful gift when applying online… the job description! Notice the words they are using and incorporate them into your resume. In this busy age of information technology, your resume is likely being scanned for “Key words” or Buzz words”. Be sure you are speaking their language!

Keep it Succinct:

These days, especially online, hiring managers and recruiters are inundated with resumes. Ones that are succinct, neatly bulleted, and have attractive key/buzz words are the ones with the best chance of being read. Better yet, you’ll get called for an interview!

Don’t’ Get Discouraged:

Not everyone is going to respond to your resume. If you believe you are truly qualified and haven’t heard back, apply again. Most importantly, stay positive and focused through your job search. The right job is out there for you!

Shari L. Sambursky, CCMC, Job Search Coach, Perry Street Coaching, LLC

What resume tips and advice have helped you land the interview?

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