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Dress the Part for Your Next Interview

Dress to impress, but don’t over-impress. Preparation for an interview can be an overwhelming feeling–the stress to secure a position can really fluctuate your emotions

August 23, 2012 Job Getting Tools
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Arrive Early to Your Next Interview

Arrive to your interview early, don’t be on time, be early. Murphy’s law will eat away at the paltry extra ten minutes you allotted. Arriving

August 21, 2012 Job Getting Tools
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How To Prepare for a Job Interview

Imagine this. You’re being interviewed for a job. You’re somewhat thrown by this question, “Do you think you’re intelligent?” Of course you’ll answer in the

August 14, 2012 Job Getting Tools
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A Memorable Interview

Being prepared for an interview may be the difference between called back or forgotten.  Learn what you need to do before arriving at the interview

August 09, 2012 Job Getting Tools
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Preparations for a Successful Interview

Calm those pre-interview nerves by following the advice of our expert guest blogger, who reminds us to research, prepare, and rehearse for a successful interview

August 07, 2012 Job Getting Tools
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Be Yourself for a Successful Interview

Just be yourself.  Our Moms have told us that millions of times.  And it’s true!  Beefing up your resume or pretending to be something you’re

August 03, 2012 Job Getting Tools

Perfecting A Phone Interview

Written by: Victoria Marin With the job market changing and employers utilizing various methods to choose potential employees, a great initial contact by phone could

August 02, 2012 Job Getting Tools
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How to Create a Practice Interview

We’ve all heard the saying, “practice makes perfect” and that applies to interviewing as well.  Learn from our guest blogger what questions to practice answering

August 02, 2012 Job Getting Tools
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Online Preparations for Your Job Interview

Help your kids get ahead of their online persona and turn social media into a tool to land that dream job with these interview preparation

August 01, 2012 Uncategorized
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Interview Tips for Good First Impressions

As a ‘freelancer’ I feel like I am going through an interview each time I meet with a potential new client. I truly feel that

July 31, 2012 Job Getting Tools
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