Sending your online job application into the sea of applicants can be a discouraging task. We often wonder where our resume goes once it has been sent off into the abyss and if anyone ever truly receives it. Well, our experts understand your frustration and have supplied us with some valuable online job application tips that will help increase your odds.

The ONE in a Million

With today’s job market being more competitive than ever, one has to be clever and unique when submitting an online application. One way to stand out in an inbox filled with eager applicants is to have a creative and eye-catching subject line. Even if the employer has already entered a subject, it is acceptable to create your own which will help you stand out. Try to word your subject line around the mission of the employer.

Another effective way to make certain your application or resume is noticed is to craft a concise and brilliant query letter. Correctly spell the name of the recipient and gear your letter to highlight your skills for the position you desire. Close your letter with appreciation for their time and consideration.

I have found these methods to work well. I have been pleasantly surprised by the numerous positive responses to my online inquiries as well as the success these methods have brought. My best wishes to you for success!

Victoria Marin, Author

Customize, Customize, Customize

Begin my making a list of all the key skills, traits, education, and experience the job description calls for. Then be sure to include as many of them that are true of you in your resume. Assume your resume will be scanned, so use the exact words they use.

Have a qualifications summary at the top of your resume that outlines the main experience, skills, and traits you have that qualifies you for this job. Sequence the most relevant things first. Wherever possible, quantify what you’ve done with percentages, dollar amounts, and quantities.  This is a very important tool.  I will show you why…

Negotiating with vendors is one thing, saving over $5,000 per month grabs attention.
Maintaining inventory is one thing, of over 75 products is quite another.
Reduced customer complaints is okay, but by over 17% saving the company over $20,000 per month, is much better.

Ronald Kaufman, Seminar Leader/Executive Coach/Author, Ronald Kaufman Consultancy

What online job application tips can you add to help our readers stand out above the rest in a sea of applications?

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