Lately our expert contributors have really been giving us some creative ideas for getting a job fast. Today, we hear from an author who shares her advice for creating your own job as an author with self publishing tools:

Become an Author with Fast, Inexpensive Self Publishing Tools

Yes!! It is possible to find a job fast. With courage and creativity, anyone can turn their talents into a paying position.

For those who are skilled writers, there are self publishing companies which are effective at quickly publishing written work. While there is an initial out of pocket expense, the pay off can be great. With self publishing companies, the author is an active part of each phase of the publication process.

In approximately 6-8 weeks, an author can publish a beautifully crafted book ready for sale. In my own experience, I found that I had to become my own advocate. By taking the reigns, I was able to expedite certain phases.

Another key component to finding a job fast or earning money from your book or product is self promotion. Publicity is free and it gives a personal touch to what you are trying to promote. With a market that is packed with many trying to find work, you have to stand out in the crowd. Besides, who knows you and your product best? YOU! You will be amazed at the unexpected paid positions that come your way as a result of the effective self promotion of your product.

My wishes to you for good luck and prosperity!

— Victoria Marin, Author


Writing a book is a great way to get your own stream of revenue going. With the self-publishing resources available these days, it’s easy and inexpensive to take your ideas from a simple document on your computer to a physical book.

The best part is – you can write your book while you search for a job, before you change careers or while you’re at home with the kids. Write a few pages a day, and in no time you’ll have a complete book ready to go!

If you just finished writing a book or a novel, a great publishing option would be an online ebook service such as where they offer a variety of publishing options for all writers.

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