To avoid going crazy this summer with scheduling, take advantage of the fact you work from home! Having a home-based office gives us a bit of mobility. Learn how our expert guest blogger suggests you can combine time watching your children and working.

Take Your Office Outdoors

With a laptop and wireless router, you can set up a mobile office in your own backyard and keep an eye on the kids without keeping them cooped up indoors. Encourage open-ended independent play with a sandbox or water table. Give your kids a corner of the garden they can plant and tend. Let them get messy with finger paints.

You may be surprised how well they entertain themselves. My preschooler once spent half an hour happily “painting” the shed with an old paintbrush and a pail of water.

Best of all, this kind of “free play” fosters imagination and independence — and gives you some time to work while enjoying the outdoors with your kids.

Sarah Peters, Web designer and marketing consultant, Sarah Peters Web Design

How do you balance your summer work and family schedule?

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