There are many opportunities for Mom’s to work from home using online tools and the internet. Mommy bloggers have discovered a great way to bring extra income into the family by turning something they love into a business. Learn how these two Mom’s took their skills online to create a successful home-based business.

Utilizing Online Tools

Two major life events spurred me to start my own business: giving birth to my first child and receiving a diagnosis of a heart condition. I knew that I needed a job that would allow me to balance family, health, and relationships with my work.

I was able to turn the highs and lows of my job search into a high-traffic website and profitable brand. I realized I had discovered not only a valuable skill but one that was in high demand. I now work from home to help other businesses attract, engage and convert new clients/customers through online tools.

One of the best jobs stay-at-home moms can undertake is to create a blog. The blog can be anything that they have particular interest, expertise, or passion in and as you grow your blog and earn followers, you can monetize it with advertisements. Many moms create blogs around motherhood and create reviews about useful products and toys for families. Some also start blogs talking about cooking, photography, books, or whatever else interests them. Building expertise in a niche can lead to other opportunities later — selling photographs or a cookbook, for instance. The key is finding something that you enjoy enough to talk about it every day, then just get started!

Kristi Daeda, Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist, Powerhouse Strategy

Graphic Design

I run my graphic design and marketing company, Jewels Branch Creative, in and around being a stay-at-home mother of twins. I wanted a creative outlet after my daughters were born but the nearest career opportunities for me were more than 60 miles away. I knew I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my girls when they were young. Starting my own business gave me the best of both worlds. In the early years of my business and through their infancy I worked lots of early mornings and late nights and around naps. When my daughters headed to school three years ago I adjusted my schedule to match theirs. I have a flexible schedule in the summer.

Christie Halmick, Jewels Branch Creative

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