Often times the best way to keep our sanity is to just let go.  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get everything done and done perfectly.  Well, there’s no such thing as perfect.  Life will keep coming at you whether you let it stress you out or just let it go. Our expert suggests that you give yourself a break!  Learn how to let go of the need to perfectly balance work and family.

How to Let Go

When it comes to being a WAHM, there is no perfect balance, so give yourself a break.

The most important thing to remember is you’ll never get the balance of working from home while caring for children 100% right. There are too many variables and not enough hours in the day. So stop putting pressure on yourself to achieve a perfect balance and just do the best you can.

Make sure you have designated work hours, when the kids are cared for or asleep, where you can focus on your business without distraction, ignoring all housework, even it it’s piling up around your ears (put yourself in a study or office if possible). Similarly, make sure when you’re with the kids, give them your undivided attention, they’ll know quickly if your mind is not on them, and they’ll make you pay…

Try to be ruthlessly organised the majority of the time, plan meals, do up a timetable for after school activities, car pool whenever you can. And, once again on the flip side, allow it all occasionally to slip, eat toast for dinner, skip swimming, spend four hours playing monopoly. It won’t hurt anyone, really, and the kids will love the spontaneity.

And finally, as they get older, or if they are already old enough to understand, tell them what you’re doing and why it’s important. Your kids need to see the value of your work and learn to respect you as someone other than their Mum.

Bec Christensen, Principal Copywriter, The Wordsmith Copywriting


How has letting go of your idea of perfection helped you balance work and family?

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