The application process has changed since the old fashioned days of showing up and dropping off your paper resume.  Often times your resume is sent off virtually into a sea of hundreds to thousands of other applicants.  So, should you be treating your online job application differently than your traditional paper resume?  Our experts say, “YES”!

Learn a few necessary adjustments to make to your resume before applying via the web for your next job opening with these virtual job application tips.

Practical Adjustments for Applying Virtually

Although we’re all accustomed to the traditional paper resume as the primary way to communicate with potential employers, we know that there’s just something about it that isn’t working. Because hiring managers do not have the time to respond to every application they receive, and they are bombarded with some pretty terrible and unfocused resumes, they often filter candidates based on seemingly arbitrary issues to which all job seekers should pay careful attention:

— Did you include key words in your resume? Many employers run job seekers’ resumes through applicant tracking software that scans the document for key words. Make sure you tweak your resume for the position to which you are applying, and you include key words from the original job post in the final draft.

— Are you qualified for the position? When you do not customize a resume or cover letter to the position to which you are applying, job seekers immediately assume that you are not qualified. Make sure you are customizing your resume and cover letter, and highlighting any translatable skills.

— Where did you find the job posting? If you found a job post on a job board, chances are that hundreds of other job seekers found and applied to that same position. Think about how you can differentiate yourself from these other applicants, such as by including a video introduction of yourself with the application that will more personally show a potential
employer your interest, enthusiasm and communication skills.

By making even these small practical adjustments to your job search strategy, any job seeker can stand out from the crowd and emerge from the resume black hole with a virtual banquet of delicious opportunities.

Mr. Suki Shah, Co-founder and CEO,

How have you adjusted your virtual job application to help your resume stand out above other applicants?

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