In this economy we have repeatedly heard of people being out of work for long periods of time.  We may have even come to terms with the fact it is impossible to get a job fast, or even get a job at all.

Our expert tells us to STOP that thinking right there!  Mental Toughness Coach, Steve Siebold suggests that when the going gets tough, the tough get going!  Apply the following tips to your job hunt and see if you can get that job you’re hoping for – maybe even sooner than you think!

How Rich Thinking Will Help You Find a Job Fast!

According to Steve Siebold, author of the book “How Rich People Think.” Follow these 5 steps he calls Rich Thinking to find a job fast!

1. Approach small and medium size businesses and offer to sell their products/services on 100% commission.

2. Volunteer to work for a local business for FREE for 2 weeks as a trial. Outwork everyone in the place and ask them to hire you.

3. Contact local dentists, doctors, accountants, lawyers, chiropractors and offer to help them bring in new clients and patients by booking them to deliver presentations to local businesses and community organizations.

4. Offer to conduct customer service surveys for local restaurants and collect leads for new customers.

5. Call the managers of clubs that require membership (country club, men’s club, women’s club, tennis club, chambers of commerce, civic clubs, etc.) and offer to call the members and thank them for their membership and possibly sell them an upgraded membership.

Steve Siebold, Mental Toughness Coach

Sometimes creating a job is much easier than finding one that already exists.  See if these tips might help you spark some interest in and around your community.  Good luck on your search to get a job fast!

How has thinking outside the box helped you find work?

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