Many areas of expertise are being hired out by companies and small businesses everywhere.  Freelance work is becoming more and more popular, hiring professionals for projects, rather than permanent positions.  Chances are, if you are looking to hire someone to do freelance work, you are working on a project that may be new territory for you.  How do you know what to ask in your interview process and how to choose the right person for the job?

Our expert contributor and co-founder of Enhanced Freelance, Thursday Bram, gives us a good tip when looking to hire freelance professionals for a project.

A Trial Project

It’s easy to forget that freelancers aren’t the same as typical employees — most are professionals with plenty of experience in their field. So give freelancers a way to show you that they have the right expertise. You’ll get handed plenty of portfolios, but you want something in the real world. Ask the freelancers you’re interested in to complete a trial project (preferably some small element of the overall project you need done.

I’m not talking about spec work — I would never complete a project that I wouldn’t get paid for and I’d never suggest asking any other freelancer to do the same. Rather, I’m talking about something more like a one-page brochure if you’ve got a major design project or a short article if you’ve got a long-term blogging assignment. That way you can see what a freelancer’s got before you sign a a contract for the full project.

Thursday Bram, Cofounder, Enhanced Freelance


It is best to be specific in your request.  Do plenty of research prior to the interview process so you know exactly what the outcome of your project should be.  How have you prepared an interview that helped you successfully hire a freelancer to complete your project?

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