There are many ways to choose a mastermind group and many individuals you can invite to be part of yours.  However, you want to be selective in your process.  Learn from our expert guest bloggers what they suggest you look for when inviting members to your mastermind group or when searching for an already established group to join.

Mastermind Your Way to Success

Over the years, I’ve tried many leads, networking and mastermind groups with their promises of more business and more income. Most are filled with people new to business. While I have great respect for those starting out, I didn’t have much success with these groups so I quit looking. Until recently when I found a mastermind group that has led to multiple newspaper articles being written about me, powerful business contacts and yes, even some new friends.

The difference? This group was populated with already successful individuals, folks who had ‘made it happen’ and were looking to expand their influence in new and innovative ways. So, for me, here is the key to success. Don’t join a group filled with those just beginning their careers. Find a group filled with people who qualify to mentor you, those who are ahead of you in the business community and are already successful. You’ll then be in a place to benefit from their experience.

Kevin Bourke, Certified Financial Planner – Author, Make Your Money Last a Lifetime

Mastermind with the Right People

Having the right mix of people involved in your Mastermind group is critical. So be sure to select quality Mastermind partners. Jim Rohn, a trailblazer in the self-help and personal development industry famously said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” I believe these words are absolutely true. If you’re spending time Masterminding with five other people and they’re all, well let’s just say it… losers, then you’re highly unlikely to learn how to be a winner. However, if you’re spending time Masterminding with five people who are who are successful, motivated individuals, people who are doing big things and making big things happen, then you are going to be that type of person as well. A winner. So you should always look for Mastermind partners who are, in your opinion, better than you and smarter than you. Because if you do that, they will lift you up to a higher level. And that’s what Masterminding is all about.

Marty M. Fahncke, President, FawnKey and Associates

How did you organize or find your mastermind group?

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