When sending your online job application it may be necessary to go above and beyond.  Or at the very least, do EXACTLY what is asked of you.  Make your next online job application stand out using the following job application tips from our expert.

Lisa Divirgilio, marketing manager for WyckWyre.com – an online recruiting system, tells us some things that stand out when she sees applications of employers that use her service.

Be Complete and Go Beyond the Required Boxes

First and foremost – you’d be surprised how many people do not actually follow the guidelines and submit everything necessary. If a cover letter and resume are required, and just a resume is submitted, more often than not, nothing will come of the application.

Also, anything that is “optional” to submit, including reference letters, or portfolios, are what make you stand apart. Many people, even during a job search, will not go so far as beyond what is required. By doing this, you are definitely getting ahead.

Making sure that your basic information and pre-screen questions are very thoroughly answered will also help you out. My company specializes in the pre-screening questions, be it yes/no questions, and those that require you to type out answers. More often than not, many people will judge their opinion to bring you in based on those answers alone.

So for example, if a question asks you to detail your experience, and you write “Please see my resume attached,” you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Lisa DiVirgilio, Marketing Manager, WyckWyre

What job application tips can you provide that made your online resume stand out, landing you an interview?

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