How do you make your own job?  You go for it!  Learn how our expert guest blogger, Tica Tallent, turned her passion into a successful business.  It took some persistence, but she was able to work her dream career for over a decade, making her journey worth the effort!

Persistence and Passion

Twenty years ago I retired from teaching. As part of a “mid-life” crisis as the books say – I delved deep into my cranium to really find out – now that I’ve grown up – whal shall I be!! Teaching was a wonderful, rewarding job. But my passion was fashion. Since at this point in my life all I liked was eating and shopping – I chose shopping – since I truly doubted any one would pay me to eat!!

Our town did not have a personal shopper. But I did know the manager of a large department store and made an appointment with him to “pitch” my idea. After waiting a long time he and the personnel manager met with me for over an hour. They agreed it was a great idea but “not now”.

Now my family (especially my dad) gave us the “never say never” motto. I proceded to write the store manager every week for six months! I sent him info on personal shoppers, names and success stories. Finally my excitement caught on and he said, “We’ll try this for six months and if it doesn’t work out, we’ll put you in the cosmetic department”.

And I was off! It was a great fifteen years of my life. I helped hundreds of women and a few men plan wardrobes – even had my own nice office. I presented fashion shows to local groups and then it mushroomed into speaking engagements and my radius of influence widened. Now, I have published my first book – sharing my faith combined with my knowledge of fitting women: “What is Beautiful: Secrets of a Personal Shopper”. I have personally sold 1200 books in three months!

I am not sharing the above to brag about my accomplishments. On the contrary. I do want to encourage all of you reading this to examine your heart and mind and find your passion. When you do -ask others to join you in your journey! Life is so much better when we wholeheartedly pursue our dreams. And sharing our excitement with others is truly the icing on the cake.

Good luck! And God Bless!

Tica Tallent

What is your passion?  What first step could you take to make your own job?

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