When we are considering a career change we are often looking for something that we love.  Tying in our career with our passions is a very gratifying and fulfilling combination.  Furthering your education is a great start to finding the career of your dreams.  Our guest blogger has shared her passion  with us and the avenue that enabled her to make it her dream career.

Have You Considered a Career in Fashion?

I LOVE fashion! I live, eat, breathe and sleep fashion! But most of all I love to CREATE fashion! If this sounds like your thoughts well then a career in fashion design might be for you. There is a brand new method being taught in North America specifically for and focussing only on garment construction. You will learn how to draft patterns using personal measurements and more importantly how to fit the wearer impeccably.

The course is only a couple of years and will soon be online as well as the live courses at Georgian College and Le Grand Chic Italia School of Fashion. We are also working on condensed courses for people who would like to attend the classes in person but are too far to commute.

Anyone can do this if they have a passion for fashion! I am happy to say that a couple of my recent graduates are women in their sixties and love every minute of it! One of these women even entered a re-design competition where she placed in the top 5!

There is no greater pleasure than receiving a diploma at this stage in life. Both you and your children will be very proud!

Maria Calautti, Founder of the Canadian division, Le Grand Chic Italia School of Fashion

What is your dream career and what steps are you taking to get there?

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