Finding the belief in yourself to start a new career can be intimidating and even seem impossible.  But, we know you can do it.  And so should you!  Learn how to take the appropriate steps to make your own job from our expert guest blogger and self-published author, Victoria Marin.

Yes, You Can!

Considering a new career can be an unsettling and overwhelming period in your life. Many of us are not comfortable working out of our comfort zone and venturing into the unknown. Following are simple, stress reducing strategies to make your transition easy and lucrative.

  • First, research the area you want to work in and learn everything there is to know about your new field.
  • Get organized. Create a binder with sections for notes, new contact names and emails and appointments.
  • Lastly, believe in yourself and others will believe in you too.

I know because I too had an overwhelming sense of fear and inadequacy as I left the world of healthcare and became an author. By participating in continuing education seminars and being organized, my confidence grew to where I wrote my own story of success. You can do it too!

Victoria Marin, Author

What small step could you take today to make your own job?

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