Our expert guest bloggers remind us over and over again how valuable it can be to create your own dream job.  Learn how to change your thinking from employee to employer and why increasing your customer base beyond your boss can help you maintain a more dependable income.

Want a Dream Job? Create It!

The most important retraining is shifting your “Economic Mentality” From “Employer-Reliance” To “Self-Reliance.” There is no such thing as unemployment. Everyone is Self Employed. If you have a business, and, as an example, you have 100 customers, if you lose a customer, you still have 99 customers, and you still have revenue. When you have a job, you ARE self-employed, you just have one customer. If you lose that job, you are screwed. It’s the classical mistake of having all of your eggs in one basket. And when you are unemployed, you are self-employed, with no customers. We are ALL in business for ourselves. There is no excuse for unemployment in America when you can INSTANTLY decide to CREATE YOUR OWN BUSINESS by providing SERVICE and VALUE to PEOPLE in exchange for MONEY. Quit looking at yourself as an employee. Look at yourself as a value provider, and GET PAID!

Joe Nicassio, Author, “Resurrecting America’s Entrepreneurial Spirit”, RapidResultsMarketing.com

Get started with your dream job today by asking yourself, “what service can I provide to others?”

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