Now that the kids are off school for summer you will finally have some help around the house!  It’s easy to look at this time in a way that adds more work to your already full plate.  However, if we learn to delegate tasks to our family members – and be okay with it – then we may actually get the help we need!

Learn how to free up some of your time using this tip from our expert guest blogger:

Delegate or Die

We can’t do it all. It is impossible and unreasonable to expect us to do it all and do it all well. I don’t even try anymore. Life is too short and I want to enjoy it.

I’ve learned to delegate. Is it done the way I would do it? No. Does it look like how I would have liked it to? No. Do I have the inclination, time and energy to redo it? No, and it is okay. Everything does not have to go my way. I don’t have to be in control of every detail. I can let others do, plan, learn and lead, and it is okay.

Does this mean I let everything go and let everyone do things willy-nilly? No. It does mean I prioritize what is really important and focus on the end result, not the end product. I prefer he fold the towels ~this~ way (end product), I’m glad he’s folding them at all (end result). This I can live with.

Shannon Mouton, Principal, Topaz Consulting

How have you been able to delegate tasks to save your summer sanity?

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