As we enter into this new age of technology, many have begun to shift their thinking from the 9-5 hourly or salary based positions boasting a pension, to being self employed.  These types of jobs that our parents retired from and prepared us for are phasing out and are no longer a reliable source of income.  So, it is only natural that we have seen more and more tips from our expert guest bloggers encouraging others to take that first step out on your own to create your own career.

Learn what steps you can take to get started today!

Create a Career, Not a Job

What are your passions? Can you build something of value around them? Define a marketing strategy and use this as the backbone of starting your business.

Jason Baudendistel, CEO, Elite Web Training

What’s In a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan is created to determine the best way to communicate the value of your product or service to future customers.  The following steps are the bare minimum that should be included in your marketing plan.  The more detailed your plan, the better it will serve you.

Situation Analysis –  Learn how to establish a long term relationship with your future customers by first researching the trends and driving forces of your industry or business.  This will prepare you to confidently develop the appropriate strategies.

Marketing Strategy – Create a plan containing measurable results that will enable you to concentrate your resources on the greatest opportunities for product positioning.  This should also include your mission statement and objectives.

Sales Forecast – Basically, set a goal.  Set a sales goal you would like to reach in the first year of owning your business, then 5 years, then 10, and so on.  This will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing plan against your sales forecast and make adjustments to your plan as necessary.

Expense Budget – It is easy to get carried away spending money on your new business.  Utilizing a set budget will help you balance your expenses and your income, remembering that your goal is to eventually turn a profit.  Maybe that new laptop can wait until you’ve reached your first sales goal.

Have fun with this part of your business planning.  Even though some of these steps can be tedious, it is an exciting time for you.  What steps have you taken so far today to help you create your own career?

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