Creating a mastermind group of related business ventures can help both encourage and promote your business.  Learn how properly deciphering between potential competition or collaboration can have a positive effect on working together.

Coordinate, Collaborate, and Contribute

Bring colleagues and/or fellow business owners together who share the same or similar focus or goal to help one another.

For example, there are several of us who help people with some aspect of wellness. We were all interested to learn how to enhance our internet marketing. We created a marketing mastermind to share insights and resources as well as get feedback from people we trust. We also collaborated on hiring an internet marketing specialist to help guide us through the process.

While we are still only beginning to implement our respective strategies, we have found ways to support each other in the endeavor. We have learned how we can help each other with linking and support each other’s social media. We have also discovered how we can take the various aspects and specialties we offer and create joint venture projects as well.

This small mastermind of five individuals has provided our respective businesses with cost savings as well as money-making opportunities over and above the wonderful support our meetings and follow up have created.

By bringing together people who truly learn to care about you and your business, you are no longer alone as an entrepreneur. You have trusted advisors to give you objective feedback, generous referrals, and opportunities beyond expectation because you are now part of a collaborative team effort to help each of you expand.

Dr. Joy S. Pedersen, Licensed Spiritual Healer, Author and Founder & CEO, Express Success

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