We asked our experts to chime in and suggest different career changes women who are re-entering the workforce should consider pursuing. After working for years at home raising children, many women want to find another career path now that they have more time of their own.

Learn a few careers where mature women excel, using the skills that they perfected while raising their families.

Be a Fundraiser

I had to reinvent my life at around age 40 when I filed for divorce from an unpalatable situation. I walked away from the country club life whereby my four children under age seven and I ended up homeless and on welfare, food stamps and medical assistance.

Today I am a CEO of a hospital foundation with $18 million in asssets and have written a book called “Starting Over – 25 Rules When You’ve Bottom Out.” I think fundraising is a wonderful career for people re-entering the career force. This is where age has value. Most donors who give major gifts are over 55. They find comfort in working with someone of their own generation.

And most people do NOT want to be a fundraiser which makes the pool of competition more scarce. Fundraising is sales with a mission driven purpose. If you can put your fear of rejection behind you, you will soar.

Mary Lee Gannon, President and Author of “Starting Over”, StartingOverNow.com

Founder and Owner at Age 40

I’m a career changer. From Event Planning and teaching I transitioned into Professional Organizing. This is a career-option that is great for stay-at-home moms or people taking care of parents as it give you flexibility. There are organizations, like NAPO and the local chapters where you can meet fellow organizers. For teleclasses there is ICD. You can work from home and it’s quite fulfilling helping people streamline their space.

Zele Avradopoulos, Owner, ZOrganize

Private Tutoring and Test Preparation

Parliament Tutors boasts 500+ tutors in over 20 states and 50+ cities. Many of our most successful tutors are women over 40. It’s a great part-time, make-your-own-schedule position for people that enjoy working with others and are reluctant to work behind a desk or computer screen.

David Greenberg, Founder & President, Parliament Tutors


There are many options for you to consider if you’re changing career paths or are re-entering the workforce after a time away.  Do your research and you will be surprised at the variety of work available to you.

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